An imposter with numerous wooden horses.

Imposter syndrome & creatives aren’t supposed to mix well. But it’s becoming something I own rather than an obstacle.

Most of what I’ve accomplished (or am currently accomplishing) was done without experience or a clue what I was doing. That includes motherhood, marriage, a stint in corporate management, building a freelance content writing business, youth ministry, and homeschooling.

I succeeded at a lot of those things. I failed at a lot of those things, learned, eventually bounced back, and kept on moving. I’m still journeying through some. Over time, I learned to say to imposter syndrome, “Yes. I’m an imposter. I climbed out of this wooden horse fully armed, and I’m taking the city.”

Author & Storyteller

Stories about dragons, Jesus, robots, unicorns, and anything else that grows in my dreams. Look for anxiety-ridden, awkward rebel boys and girls. Conflicted, troubled, good-hearted men and women. Battles, found family, romance, growing up, and growing into yourself. Check out stories & books for details and links to where you can read my fiction.

Bible Nerd

Just a former English/philosophy major, word-nerd girl who loves Jesus talking about Bible stories, theology, and God. And hoping you’ll join in. See my nerdy, weird, and fun Bible posts where you can sometimes download free resources.

Planner & Project Manager

I’m a Six Sigma Black Belt, which has nothing to do with martial arts and everything to do with statistical process control and planning projects. Don’t worry—I don’t talk about math (much), but I do sometimes share planner and project management information specifically for creatives, students, and solopreneurs.

Content Creator

By day, I create content for brands engaged in online marketing, including blog and social media posts, articles, and thought leadership. Sometimes I share weird facts I learned along the way or online marketing information for creatives and others.

Reader & Watcher

Books. Movies. Television shows. I consume them, reference them, sometimes review them. I love to chat plotlines, characters, tropes, heroes, and villains. Find the fangirling stuff under reading & reviews or movies & television to join in.

Mom, Wife, & Just a Girl Living Life

Yes, I’m 40-something. Yes I often still refer to myself as a girl. Everything else on these pages falls into one or more of these categories. Connect with me on topics including marriage, raising kids, homeschooling, the outdoors, and bubble baths.