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Smoke & Stone, a Firebrand Novel

Aaron Hawkins grew up in the foster system learning that people come in all shapes, sizes and moral makeups, but they all let you down eventually. Most dragons don’t start scaling until early adulthood, but Aaron started seeing his at 11 and embraced them.

He was different. He wasn’t like other humans. He didn’t have to have those flaws. Or those emotions.

Letting the dragon rule kept him safe and out of trouble. Until Becca.

Rebecca Warren grew up suburban, sheltered and mostly content, but none of that chased away her anxiety and sensory issues. Most of her friends spend their free time trying to live their last year of college to its fullest, but loud music, crowded rooms and meeting too many new people freak her out.

She’s different. Not like her roommates. She doesn’t know how to live those lives. Or express those emotions. Until someone gives her an antique journal.

When real danger brings Aaron and Becca together, they have to dismantle their own walls to face it together.

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