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No boundaries. Only panic.

“There are no boundaries. Only panic.”

A colleague recently made this statement to me. He was referencing the fact that well-meaning people were scurrying and busy-making, trying to solve problems on some projects. It was causing people to work over each other and against each other as everyone pushed and pulled on their own ropes. And the current situation didn’t occur overnight; it’s the result of years. Which makes it unlikely that a day or even a week of rope pulling in panic would do anything to mitigate the issues.

My husband talked to someone recently who, like us all, remarked on the nature of 2020. About the stress and the horror of this current time; about how they couldn’t wait for it to end. And he replied, “2020 isn’t the problem. 2015, 16, 17, 18, 19…these are as much a problem. 2020 is just the tangible result.”

I think he has a point about the “here right now” being the result of the “everything before.”

And if your here-right-now isn’t what you want, you might scramble to undo everything leading up to it, trying to undo and make it right in mere hours or days. I’m guilty of this in my personal and work life for sure.

I think we can see this playing out in bigger spaces. People are becoming aware of, more connected to, or brave enough to talk about big issues. There’s a pandemic. So many things are wrong in the world.

People are reacting with busy-making and scurrying to make something—anything—right. They’re overstepping boundaries or even destroying them. It seems like we’ve lost track of the difference between healthy boundaries and obstacles meant to be scaled or torn down.

But you can’t make these things right alone, in one day, or with panic-induced pushing of others. And that includes this current no boundaries panic that’s infecting people faster than a virus ever could.

But you CAN: Lay down the panic. Put up healthy boundaries.

Pray your way through the next steps. Not every path is yours to trod. Not every battle yours to wage. Not every thought is one to be cried from the soapbox.

Take small steps in faith. Feed one person if you can’t feed 1,000. Support one cause because you can’t stretch yourself over all of them. Speak up to one bully; you’re not an army and can’t take them all on.

Stop, consider, and ensure that you’re not the bully.

More boundaries.

Less panic.

Trust that there are other people doing good things too. You don’t have to do them all. Just concentrate on being a light-shiner instead of a panic-maker.

If you know someone who is doing good things or shining lights, share them in the comments!

Here’s some to get you started if you want to see more good things:

  • Kristen LaValley’s book No Fruitless Words is out. Part of her blurb says “If what you’ve been exposed to through friend or through social media, has made you fearful, panicked, and restless, this book will fill you with hope, expectation, and joy as you recenter your mind and your heart around the Gospel.”
  • Surfer jumps on back of shark to save his wife. This is just real-life hero stuff right here.
  • Chris and I are watching The Chosen series via the VidAngel app and are loving it. Recommend it for believers for sure, but it’s accessible and a great series for anyone who wants a good story.

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