Tab Closings 2.11.2020

Random things I loved or found interesting on the web this week.

  • I Wander as I Wonder (epic version). I’m obsessed with Simon Khorolskiy right now, especially this song. 2:15 to 2:22 is pretty much the epitome of worship right there. I also love his version of Oh, the Deep Love of Jesus, which can only be described as swashbuckling.
  • The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens. This one’s four years old, but I ran across it working on a freelance piece about Tumblr for parents. I love a good piece of journalism storytelling, and this one is really well done and super interesting. Also, the marketer in me was hooked.
  • Champion, Bishop Briggs. Adding it to my anthems.
  • Q&A with someone who doesn’t have an internal monologue. Our brains don’t all work the same. A thing to keep in mind when you’re writing stories. And also just when you’re living life.

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